French Toast

Perfect for brunch...

2 Eggs
½ Cup of Milk
Vanilla Extract
Ground Cinnamon
Jackson's Yorkshire's Champion White Bloomer


Whisk the egg, milk, vanilla and cinnamon in a bowl.
Next, pour a generous amount of sugar onto a big plate - ready for the bread to be dipped into. 
Pop the butter in a frying pan over medium-high heat.
Dip your lovely Yorkshire’s Champion slices in the egg mixture and then onto the sugar plate, lavishing both sides of Champion bread.
Fry each side until light brown.
Now serve with strawberries and berries for a lovely brunch idea!

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Myself and the rest of my family absolutely adore your bread. We make a special trip to Waitrose to stock up and can't eat any other sliced bread!

Alice Harding October 2017